Sonka Diaspora Solution
Education Fair

03 April 2024 - 06 April 2024

Have you finished your K.C.S.E, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, or Masters?
Come let's reason together on how to study in Australia.

Event Overview

Join us for an enriching and informative experience at the Education Fair 2024, hosted by Sonka Diaspora Solutions in collaboration with The Institute of International Studies (TIIS). This four-day event is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for students, parents, educators, and institutions to explore diverse educational opportunities, exchange ideas, and engage with leading experts in the field.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to explore a world of educational possibilities, gain valuable insights, and take proactive steps toward realizing your academic aspirations. Join us at the Education Fair 2024 and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and endless opportunities!

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Dear Customer, Greetings from Sonka Diaspora Solution Ltd.! We're excited about your interest in shaping your future through global education.

We're here as your reliable partners, specializing in guiding students on educational journeys to well-known institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, the UK, India, and the USA.

Let's turn your dreams into reality together! Introduce yourself so we can help you swiftly. Share your academic documents, expected completion date, and the course you're excited about. You can share your documents via email at Get ready for an amazing adventure ahead!

Best wishes,

Samson Mbugua Ndung'u,

CEO, Sonka Diaspora Solution Ltd.

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