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Are you considering studying abroad? Look no further than Australia. With top-ranked universities, a welcoming culture and breathtaking landscapes, Asia is the perfect destination for international students seeking an unforgettable educational experience.

Apply for your visa today and start your journey to a world-class education in a stunning and dynamic place.

Schools In Australia

Kaplan Business School Australia

Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA)

Alphacrucis University College

Stanley College

Institute of Health & Management

Australian Industrial System Institute

Lead College

The Institute of International Studies (TIIS)

Tas College

The Australian College For International Studies [TACIS]

International Nurse Training College

Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty (MCOHB)

Clinton College

Sydney City College of Management


Study Abroad in Australia at Kaplan Business School!

Kaplan Business School Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Should I study abroad in Australia? Is it worth it? Is it hard?

Studying abroad in Australia is 100% worth it. There’s a low risk of culture shock for most western students, making it easy to get used to life in Australia quickly. They also have one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, meaning every corner of Australia potentially holds adventure!

Why study in Australia?

Great reasons to study abroad in Australia include the beautiful weather, world-renowned beaches, and, of course, the high quality study abroad programs. Spend your weekdays getting an incredible education and use your weekends to go on fun excursions!

Where to study abroad in Australia

The best places to study abroad in Australia include Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Make sure to research each destination so that you can choose the place that suits you and your goals the best.

How to study in Australia as an international student

You can study abroad in Australia through either your home university if they host a program there, or through a study abroad provider who offers credit transfer (almost all do). You’ll apply for your program through one of these mediums.

Is it expensive to study in Australia?

Study abroad programs in Australia aren’t more expensive than any other destination. However, depending on where you’re from, the flights could get pricey. If you start looking early, you might even score a study abroad scholarship that helps you study in Australia for free.

How much does it cost to study in Australia?

If you’re studying abroad in Australia through your university, it will probably only cost a few hundred dollars more per semester than your normal tuition. Through study abroad providers, you can expect a summer in Australia to cost up to $5000, and semester programs will come in at around $8000-$11000. Add insurance, flights, and spending money to get a rough total.

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