(Qualified Education Agent Counsellor)

Welcome to Sonka Diaspora Solution

I am thrilled that you have made this decision to begin your international education journey with us. My team and I will listen to you, learn about your goals and dreams, explore your Options and guide you as we develop for you the most suitable education pathway. We carefully select our partner institutions, to provide our students the best opportunities available abroad. Working with over seventy of these partner education institutions all over the world, there is a wide variety of Options to choose from.

I understand that being away from home can be challenging as my family and I underwent this process of migration from Kenya to Australia many years ago. However, it can also be an ultimately rewarding journey. There are endless opportunities in Australia and internationally and we are excited to be a part of facilitating a seamless transition as you begin your journey to explore the world.

Our team is committed to providing you with the right information, advice, guidance and support to ensure you exceed your study goals. I wish you all the best as you embark on this journey and thank you again for choosing us.

Why Choose Us?

At Sonka Diaspora Solution, we recognize that the achievement of our students is integral to our own success. Our pride lies in our distinctive, personalized methodology, and our dedication revolves around ensuring that our students access the most advantageous opportunities available in Australia. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual and their specific goals, prompting us to meticulously craft customized study pathways. 

Through the careful tailoring of our services, we strive to establish optimal frameworks for success, understanding that diverse individuals necessitate diverse outcomes.