PTE Exam Coaching & Bookings

PTE Exams Coaching and Bookings

The PTE, an abbreviation for Pearson Test of English, stands as a globally acknowledged computer-based examination utilized to evaluate proficiency in the English language. In nations where English is the primary language, the PTE is employed to appraise the speaking skills of non-native English speakers aspiring to engage in overseas employment. 

The PTE revolves comprehensively around the four core facets of English language proficiency: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Mastery across all these domains is imperative for applicants, demonstrating their adeptness in English.

Conducted in a single 3.5-hour computer session, the PTE examination delivers results within a span of three to four days. For participation, candidates are required to visit an accredited PTE center. 

Notably, the PTE Academic, also available online, reigns as the most widely recognized examination globally, catering to pursuits of education, employment, and migration. 

Its acceptance continues to proliferate across a spectrum of educational institutions, solidifying its position as a cornerstone for study applications.

How long and when are the classes?

Classes commence every Monday and run for 10 days, two hours daily; therefore, 20 hours of preparation.
Morning session: 10am-12pm (physical classes only)
Evening session from: 5:30pm-7.30pm (virtual classes only)

How much will it cost you?

Virtual/Online classes: Ksh.10,000 (Paid once)
Face-to-face classes: Ksh.15,000 (paid once)

How much is the PTE exam?

PTE Academic – 220 USD


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